Forcing open and derailing gates has become common  by criminals who target properties to grab as many expensive electronic goods like flat-screen televisions, laptops and cell phones as possible, in just a few minutes.

Homes & businesses across Durban have been hit by gate crashers who derail gates, force open  or tamper with the motor until the gate opens, rather than drive a vehicle through the gate which was done in the past.
Security consciousness and a couple of small but significant security innovations, home-owners can improve security to avoid gate crashing incidents.

  • If a sliding gate is not secured when in its closed position on either side it can be lifted and derailed.
  • If your gate cannot be lifted the criminal will try and force it open with a crowbar which is very easy without any loud sounds or noise.
  • If the gate cannot be opened they will try jump over to break open the cover of the gate motor and put the gate on manual.

 For an experienced and brazen criminal, almost anything is possible, no matter how difficult you make the challenge, through desperation they would have the right tools and know how to force open the gate and get into your property.

Most alarm systems are designed by only having detectors inside the house. Once they break in and the siren activates, the criminals know they have about 60 to 90 seconds to grab what they can and run before your armed response company gets there. By installing our Gate Crash Kit you have bought time with peace of mind, that and can possibly prevent any further damage or loss.


Add a simple anti-gate crashing kit to your home or business alarm system that can be fitted to your gate to immediately set off the alarm should anyone attempt to tamper with the gate or to derail it.

Crime trends show that gate crashers target certain areas and streets over a period of time which indicates that gangs invest in observing residents’ and domestic workers’ routines before targeting a property. Vary your routines if possible and report any suspicious individuals or vehicles parked near your property to the police and your security company. Take a photograph of the vehicle and file it away.

Fit an inexpensive metal “anti-lift” bracket onto your gate to stop criminals from being able to lift the gate off its railing to get inside. Install the bracket as close to the gate as possible with a gap of less than 1 cm.

Install the gate motor at least an arm’s length away from the perimeter fence to prevent criminals from reaching in to tamper with it. Or weld metal plating at the bottom of the fence or gate to block access. Plant a few prickly plants around the gate motor for added protection.

Securely bolt your gate motor into the ground and Install an Anti-Theft bracket  to prevent criminals from stealing. Make Sure the Anti- theft bracket and the gate motor is locked at all times  to prevent battery theft and criminals from resetting the motor or switching the gate onto manual.