Keeping your family, your loved ones and your investments safe and secure.

How we work:

Consultation and Design – Free assessment of your security needs, and propose a customized solution for your needs and our specialists are available to answer any questions.

Installation – Our trained team of experienced experts will ensure your installation is done professionally, efficiently and hassle free

Continuous Support – All day. Everyday. WE are there for you, Our Central Monitoring Centre is available to respond to your system 24/7.

Why should you have an alarm system:

Deters crime: A recent study showed as the number of home security systems increased in an area, the number of residential robberies decreased in that area, even for people who didn’t have their own security system. Having a security system not only protects you, but helps your neighborhood be a safer place for everyone.


You can also make your existing alarm system a Smart System, it is as easy as 123…

1 – Call & Set up an appointment

2 – Our Security Specialist will conduct a free assessment

3 – Installation of the smart solution

Why a smart solution??

  • Your keypad will be on your smartphone.
  • You can arm or disarm your alarm from the palm of your hand.
  • You will receive Instant push notification of occurrences.
  • You can check camera system after getting alarm notification on your phone from wherever you are.
  • Check status of system when on holiday and away from home
  • You can link your existing camera system to alarm system.

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