Outdoor beams



There are different type of beams for different environments .Using the incorrect beam can cause false alarms . Outdoor detectors if installed correctly and used correctly can be a excellent deterrent.


list of different beams:

1.point to point beam’

2.vx40 beam

3. bx 80 beam

4.hx40 beam

5. fit beam

6 .strip beam


10 things to do to ensure your outdoor detection is working as a layer of protection:


1. Make sure that there is no clothing hanging in the way of the beam

2. Make sure that all plants and trees and cut short which is facing the beam.

3. Make sure that there is no insects and ants getting into the beams as this causes corrosion on the pc board of the beam which causes false alarms.

4. You can spend R100000 but if it is not armed it is worth R0

5.  Make sure that the beams are always kept clear of the shrubs

6. Try and get the beams to work on a separate partition as this will assist the end user in arming the beams when they are inside and this assists even during the day .

7. The beams has to armed on instant (remote) and there must be no delay on the beams.

8. Power consumption has to be measured when selling the beams as a drop in voltage causes false alarms.

9.  After a while make sure the beam is detecting properly as after a while the lense start to crack and this can cause false alarms and as well perpetrators not being detecting.

10. It vitally important that the beams are tested and checked by qualified technician to make sure that the beam works when it is need the most .