How much do you know about your fire protection?

We have put together the ultimate checklist for ensuring your are legally compliant when it comes to securing your premises against fires.

  1. Have you got Fire Equipment?
  2. Have you had it serviced in the past year?
  3. Have you got the right equipment for the following:
  • Electrical Fires
  • Flammable, Liquids & Gases, Heat & Oxygen Fuel
  • Wood, Paper Textiles
  1. Are your Symbolic Signs, Missing or Faded?
  2. Have you been trained in the use of Fire Equipment?
  3. Have you got the correct number of Fire Equipment per square meters?
  4. Has your Equipment been pressure tested or hydrostatically tested?
  5. Has your Sprinklers been serviced?
  6. Is your Fire escapes been kept in the clear at all times, is your Fire Equipment obstructed?
  7. Is your Service Provider compliant?
  • Are you SABS Approved?
  • A.Q.C.C. compliant?
  1. Is your technicians S.A.Q.C.C. trained?
  2. Is your Equipment numbered and is a register in place?


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