Commercial crime in Durban is on the rise.


Mzansi Fire and Security has put together a list of tips for our commercial community. To educate and assist businesses about preventative measures when it comes to commercial crime.


We have complied easy deterrents for commercial crime that businesses can implement.

  • Greet customers and make direct eye contact: This does not only improve customer satisfaction but also lets a potential criminal know you will be able to identify them.
  • Be cautious when answering probing questions: If their line of questioning seem suspicious for example: they ask how many employees you have on a shift, deviate the conversation back towards the sale.
  • Maintain visibility throughout the store/business- this means do not leave your store/business unattended to and open. Always stay vigilant and observing.
  • Develop a cash control program: so that the business does not carry/store to much cash on hand.
  • Staff members should be discreet in cash counting and bank deposits: do not do it on a scheduled basis, it should be random to ensure your trips cannot be timed. Alternate bank branches.
  • Take precautions during opening and closing: ensure that more then one person is in charge of this. Business owners/managers should set up procedures and rules to be followed by staff. Curious about our services, contact us to find out about our opening and closing services.
  • Business owners should invest in a security system that has been designed by a specialist who has identified your vulnerabilities and have come up with solutions that is unique to your business needs.


Contact us today to redeem a free risk assessment from our team of experts.  Our team aims to provide you with a comprehensive security solution and minimize risk of crime. Let us show you your vulnerabilities and how we can provide you with comprehensive cover.