BEAT THE CRIMINALS BEFORE THEY GET INTO YOUR HOME Forcing open and derailing gates has become common  by criminals who target properties to grab as many expensive electronic goods like flat-screen televisions, laptops and cell phones as possible, in just a few minutes. Homes & businesses across Durban have been hit by gate crashers who


8 TIPS ON HOW TO SECURE YOUR HOME Tip #1: Case the joint. Walk around your home with the eyes of a criminal. Look for weaknesses–sliding doors that could be taken off the track, glass that could be broken to gain entry or even a window that doesn’t close properly.Take a walk around the outside


Commercial crime in Durban is on the rise.   Mzansi Fire and Security has put together a list of tips for our commercial community. To educate and assist businesses about preventative measures when it comes to commercial crime.   We have complied easy deterrents for commercial crime that businesses can implement. Greet customers and make

Outdoor beams

OUTDOOR BEAMS   There are different type of beams for different environments .Using the incorrect beam can cause false alarms . Outdoor detectors if installed correctly and used correctly can be a excellent deterrent.   list of different beams: 1.point to point beam’ 2.vx40 beam 3. bx 80 beam 4.hx40 beam 5. fit beam 6

South African Intruder Detection Services (SAIDSA) is a body of service providers of security systems. Ranging from basic alarms to sophisticated electronic intruder detection systems and CCTV.

SAIDSA approved security companies incorporate signal monitoring as well as the provision of armed response services. Members of SAIDSA operate in a self-regulating manner and agree to comply with the association’s code of conduct and minimum standards.

On Monday the control centre received a call stating there were suspects at a residence in Mobeni Heights. Our armed response officer arrived at the scene and apprehended the suspect as he was attempting to leave the property. The suspect was carrying a bag with the stolen items in it.