Incident #1

On Monday the control centre received a call stating there were suspects at a residence in Mobeni Heights. Our armed response officer arrived at the scene and apprehended the suspect as he was attempting to leave the property. The suspect was carrying a bag with the stolen items in it. According to the arrest report the suspect had jumped over the gate to gain access into the property. The suspect broke a bedroom window and got into the house. Once inside the residence he removed all the window hinges. The individual went outside and stole copper pipes.

SAPS Bayview attended the scene and the suspect with the bag containing the stolen items were taken to the police station. Well done armed response team!


Incident #2

We mean it when we say closer, faster, and stronger. On Tuesday 7th of April, a member of the public had their vehicle broken into at Bulwer Road. The person whose vehicle was broken into gave chase, along with members of the armed response division who witnessed this and assisted with the arrest. It was established that the individual was parked with his Isuzu Bakkie on Bulwer Road when he witnessed the male suspect unknown to him climbing out the rear canopy, this is the same person identified by the complainant.

The suspect was found with a screwdriver which he used to break into the vehicle and was charged accordingly.

Fortunately, there were no injuries. We are proud of our Mzansi Fire and Security armed response team who acted so swiftly and prevented the suspect from escaping. Great job team!


Incident #3

Mzansi Fire and Security to the rescue! After receiving a panic signal at Fiona Street, Mobeni Heights, our control centre dispatched an armed response vehicle to the scene. The report indicates that three male suspects were dropped off on the road by a black BMW which departed. Armed response officer Nikki Gavu, responded swiftly and arrived at the scene to find that 3 male suspects attempted to hi-jack our client but failed, due the distraction created by the Mzansi Fire and Security armed response vehicle. Two suspects fled the scene & the third was apprehended.

Nikki advised that the Bayview SAPS arrived at the scene along with the Mobeni Heights Community Forum. Bayview SAPS took the suspect into custody to the Bayview police station.

Fortunately, there was no damage to the property and no one was injured. Our sympathies go out to our client who had to go through this traumatic experience.